Why Won't My Ex Return My Calls?

Published: 16th January 2009
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Why Won't My Ex Return My Calls?

Getting your ex to call you back can be an incredibly difficult thing to pull off. We make a lot of mistakes in our attempts to get a response, but it can be done if you figure out the right approach to it. There are a few "magic words" you can say that will genuinely spark your ex's interest and result in it being YOUR phone that rings for once.

The main reason your ex isn't calling you back is because your messages are done completely wrong. There are several types of phone call that most of us automatically fall into the trap of making, that will only make your ex more likely to avoid calling you back:

1) The Plea: Begging and pleading your ex to call you back does not work...it creates an image of frantic desperation that'll make him want to run as fast as possible the other way. Example: "Please, please, please call me back, I miss you so much and I can't live another day without hearing your voice, please call me back!"

2) The Emergency: "You have to call me back, it's an EMERGENCY!" No, it's not. He knows it. You may feel like it is, but in your heart you know it too. All it does is make you sound frantic, desperate, and overly dramatic...kind of like the Plea, with the same effects as the Plea.

3) The Romance Movie: Usually the big, long, heartfelt speech that appears towards the end of a classic "boy meets girl, boy ticks off and loses girl, boy leaves a heartbreaking 10 minute sob message on her answering machine that completely changes the way she sees him" movie. In real life, that doesn't work. Usually the answering machine cuts you off right in the middle of the speech. Even if the whole thing gets recorded, it never has the right effect and just leaves you in even more of a desperate and weakened position.

These are all wrong ways to get your ex to call you back. They hinge on getting sympathy or creating a false sense of urgency...which doesn't generally work in the real world. The RIGHT way to get your ex to return your calls is to use the two most powerful tools in existence for relating to a person: curiosity and self-interest.

"I just wanted to call and thank you for what you did, it really helped me. Please call me back, I'd like to thank you in person." See the difference? All desperation is gone, and it arouses curiosity. What is it your ex did? He'll want to know...and so he'll call you back.

HOWEVER, don't rush into this! If you get him on the phone and don't have an overall strategy behind what you're saying, you can completely ruin your chances with a single phone call. Even if you've made a few of these phone call mistakes already, it can still be fixed but you CANNOT go into a serious conversation with your ex blindly and without a plan.

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