Why Did She Leave Me?

Published: 16th January 2009
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Why Did She Leave Me?

Sometimes when your girlfriend decides to call it quits, you're left sitting there wondering what happened. A lot of the time, the only thing stopping you from getting her back is figuring out what went wrong so that you can fix it and return things to normal. That's where I come in.

Following is a short list of some of the things that may have affected your relationship and led to your ex-girlfriend breaking up with you. These are some of the most common reasons, so chances are good you may see something familiar here.

1) One of you cheated on the other. This one's pretty obvious if it was the case, and it can also be one of the hardest ones to recover from. If this is what happened, you probably know it and can understand WHY she left...in which case you can skip to the bottom for a little help on pulling things back together.

2) She didn't feel important to you anymore. This is a pretty bad one to fall into, and it can happen when you're too caught up in yourself and your role in the relationship. If she doesn't feel appreciated, or feels too forgotten...she's not going to be happy and she may very well leave you.

3) You didn't listen to her properly. This is sometimes a contributor to #2, and it's often because guys don't realize that there's more to "listening to her" than just being in the room while she's talking. You have to really pay attention, and often much of what she's trying to express isn't really in her words. You have to read between the lines sometimes, otherwise you'll miss what she's really saying and she'll start to feel like you're either too oblivious or you don't care.

Those are three reasons she may have decided to call it quits on you...these may not be exactly what happened, or even the root of everything that led to the breakup, but they may help you figure out where things went downhill and how to pick back up. Any of these can be recovered from, but it may take some serious work.

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