What NOT To Do After a Breakup

Published: 16th January 2009
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What NOT To Do After a Breakup

When you just break up with the love of your life, things are going to be insane for a while. You're spinning out of control, you don't know up from down, and you're going to be seriously tempted to do things that could doom your chances of getting back together with your ex and regaining a stable hold on your world. The best way to avoid this kind of destructive behavior is to know what it is and keep it far, far away...which is where I come in! ;)

You're lucky you have somebody who's been through a few of these and has seen the "Do's and Do-Not's" of recovering from the avalanche of emotions that is a breakup: me! Whether it's been in my own relationship pitfalls or those of people close to me, I've had some experience with this sort of thing, and I know people who've made a full-time job out of helping folks like us get back on our feet.

As I think I may have mentioned, there are a couple or thirty things you DON'T want to do straight out of the gate when your lover tells you it's over. Some of them are almost your very first impulses, so you have to be on your guard! Chances are you've already made a couple mistakes and done a few of these things without realizing what a bad idea it was...that's ok, you should still be able to salvage your situation if you start making some serious effort RIGHT NOW.

Rule Number One: Cut off contact...quit your ex cold-turkey. Time and space is the biggest thing the two of you need right now...space away from each other so that the cycle of negativity can be broken, and time so that YOU (that's right, you sitting there on your butt reading this) can pull yourself together and start addressing the issues that led to the relationship's crash. There'll be time for contact with your ex later, if you're careful in going about getting back in touch later. Right now you need to focus.

Rule Number Two: Don't just slop around in your pajamas in a darkened apartment while your friends leave concerned messages on your voicemail. Be active! Even if you feel like your heart's been twisted out of your chest, nothing heals the hurt like surrounding yourself with people who care about you and allowing yourself to have a good time. The pain you feel is natural, it's how you know you care...but letting it keep you from living your life is unacceptable. Get out there and live!

Rule Number Three: Take Rules One and Two to heart. Okay, so this isn't all you need to know, but it's a great start. A lot of people can't make it past the first week without calling their ex or succumbing to the urge to curl up on the couch and watch soap operas all day while sobbing into a bucket of Rocky Road. Get this far and you've already done better than about 70% of the breakup victims out there.

I'm not the super expert here...I don't personally have all the answers. I DO, however, know a guy with a lot more answers than I've got...and he knows how to convey them so that they're easy to understand and follow. If you're interested in getting through this breakup, you can find some free videos and advice through the link below.

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