What Do I Do If My Ex is Seeing Someone Else?

Published: 16th January 2009
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What Do I Do If My Ex is Seeing Someone Else?

Seeing your ex with another woman can be a really shaking thing...after all you just went through trying to get past your pain and muster up the strength to go out there and get him back, it looks like he's completely forgotten about you...or has he?

There are a lot of reasons why rebound relationships aren't always a threat to your getting him back. They can actually help you a little bit, if he really loved you to begin with.

A lot of the time, being with someone else will remind him of all the things he misses and loved about you. Even tiny, almost insignificant things like the smell of your hair or a sparkle in your eye when you have a secret to tell him...looking at the person he's with now and not seeing them there can really make him think about what he gave up when he left you.

95% of all rebound relationships are only temporary anyways...all they really are is a quick fix to get over the heartache. You may have even seen someone briefly yourself who helped the pain go away...but just like you're back looking to get your ex back, your ex will find himself still needing something his new relationship can't give: you.

So don't fret if you see him with another woman a little while after the breakup. It's normal, it means he's trying to live a complete life...and chances are good that it's not working for him. He may look happy now, but don't get too intimidated...your time may just come back.

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