The Key to Getting Your Ex Back - The No Contact Rule

Published: 16th January 2009
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The Key to Getting Your Ex Back - The No Contact Rule

Anybody who says that the time right after a breakup is easy is lying to you...its a trapfilled whirlwind of emotional chaos and it sucks no matter who you are. There are so many questions about where you should go from here, it makes your head spin. One of the first questions you probably think of is what to say to get him back...and the surprising answer is simple: NOTHING!

With all the crazy feelings and desperation flying around, it is really easy to mess up your situation even more by staying in contact with your ex and accidentally flying off the handle with an outburst that you later realize you really shouldn't have said if you wanted to get him back. There are ways to deal with this, however.

Its a very good tip that you hear a lot, take a break...give him some space, and no contact. Whats less often specified is how long to keep up this term of no contact, but the safe rule of thumb is usually about a month. 30 days without seeing his face or hearing his voice can be rough, but its the best option at this point if you want him back.

You are going to have to resist the temptation to break this rule, wont be easy, and you will really want to talk to him, but for the sake of your future you have to avoid it. Here are some of the most common and destructive ways people trick themselves out of following the No Contact Rule.

1. Drunk Dialing. If you expect to never feel lonely, start expecting it. Your ex being gone leaves a big hole, and a lot of people choose to try to fill that hole with alcohol. It can help take the edge off, but I don't advise you drink your problems away, or one particularly lonely night you just may find your judgment failing you, and you make a phone call you know you shouldn't.

2. Text Message Terrorism. Being cut off from the one you love can make a person really desperate to win her ex much so that without thinking of how it appears, she starts bombing him with an onslaught of messages, phone calls, and emails that only result in her looking like a head case. You don't want to ruin how your ex sees you, so stop yourself whenever you start to get the urge to do this.

Its important to fight against these mistakes, as slipping could cost you a lot...too much to risk. If you can keep a good hold of yourself, you will be far more prepared for when you start talking again, and have a much better chance of getting him back.

Through all this, the top value of this breaktime isn't damage control, its the breathing room you have to plan your next fact, plan all your next moves Having an underlying strategy or technique to use makes your life exponentially easier, and best of all is if you can find a proven-effective process from another resource.

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