Rebound Relationships - Worst-Case Scenario Or a Sign That There's Still Hope?

Published: 16th January 2009
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Rebound Relationships - Worst-Case Scenario Or a Sign That There's Still Hope?

If you've just pulled yourself out of the pit that is breakup depression all ready to go out there and win him back, only to find that he's with another're probably not feeling too optimistic about your chances to get him back. him being in a rebound relationship really that bad for you?

The truth is, rebounds can actually be a good sign so long as it doesn't seem like they're so serious that marriage is on their minds. 95% of rebound relationships are exceedingly short-lived, and are really just ways for your ex to cope with his own breakup depression and continue to feel like he's okay.

Honestly, it wouldn't even have been a crime for you to have had a rebound of your own after the helps your confidence quite a bit and can work wonders on healing the heartache...but they're seldom permanent and often nothing can erase the memories of the one you just because he's with someone else doesn't mean he's over you. It may mean he's still TRYING to get over you.

This isn't the case for all instances, but it's more common than you think. A lot of couples have resolved their differences even after dating other people, and some say those secondary relationships helped them come to the realization that their differences weren't so great that they warranted losing the real loves of their lives. In a way, seeing other people actually brought them closer together, so don't be TOO worried if your ex is with someone else...there's still a shot for you!

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