Is My Ex Playing Games With Me, Or Does He Really Not Love Me Anymore?

Published: 16th January 2009
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Is My Ex Playing Games With Me, Or Does He Really Not Love Me Anymore?

An ex-boyfriend's behavior can be really strange and confusing he really so cold that you just don't matter to him anymore? Or is it possible that he still has feelings for you? How can you tell?

When your boyfriend breaks up with you, usually he's as confused inside as you are. After all, he's only human too - sometimes we do things that we didn't really believe in, because we didn't know what to do at all.

Your ex-boyfriend may still care about you, even if he says he doesn't. There is actually a way to tell for sure, almost like reading his mind and hearing his thoughts - thoughts he can't even hear!

It's all in how he treats you, picture emotions towards other people as a kind of scale, where on one side lies complete indifference and on the other rest all the more extreme emotions like love or hate. The people we're indifferent to don't make any difference in our lives, they just don't matter.

So judging by how he treats you...mainly by how much he tries to contact you after the breakup, you can know for sure which end of the scale you're on for him. If there's no contact at all, you may very well be on the indifference end of the scale.

If, however he tries to get ahold of you?

Well, then that means you can be positive your at least still on his mind. This means you're closer to the other side of the scale than you may have thought. If he contacts you fairly frequently, you're almost certainly still in the "strong feelings" zone.

So why does he still reject a relationship with you, if he still has feelings for you? He may actually not even know he does! How do you help him understand how he feels and win your ex back? These couple of free videos should answer some of your questions

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