"I Need My Space" - What Does it Mean?

Published: 16th January 2009
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"I Need My Space" - What Does it Mean?

It's a classic breakup line a lot of us have probably been tossed at one point or another in our lives. The question is, what does that mean? Do they really just need a little more room in their comfort zone, or is there a deeper root to it?

The phrase "I need my space" can mean different things for both guys and girls, and it also depends on the relationship. Typically though, it's usually used when the two people have been crammed together incessantly for a long time, and one of them just needs out...a grace period where there's nobody constantly in their space.

For guys, this usually happens when a girl is too needy or clingy. She may not even realize she's being this way, because the acceptable range differs from guy to guy. Generally though, women need to accept that there's a little of a "lone wolf" in every guy, and sometimes we need to just take a break from being social for an hour or two a day. When a girl constantly disrespects that need, it can cause problems that eat at a guy for a long time until he's just too tired to try anymore.

For girls, the same sorts of things can apply, but it's usually a bit more complex...as most things with women are. A woman may say "I need my space" when her guy is being too clingy and needy, but that's not always why. Indeed, sometimes they use that line just to avoid having to address the real problem at hand. It's difficult finding out what's bugging a woman enough to make her leave...and honestly I'm personally not very good at it.

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