How to Tell If Your Ex-Girlfriend Still Loves You

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to Tell If Your Ex-Girlfriend Still Loves You

Is your ex acting crazy, seeming interested in you one minute and pushing you away the next? Is she really past the point of a relationship with you or does she still care? Here's a way to determine once and for all just how your ex feels about you.

To be completely honest, your ex herself may not understand just what you mean to her. In fact, that could be a lot of the reason why she seems to be acting so inconsistent and crazy right now...she doesn't KNOW if she wants you back or not.

To be able to read her behavior and understand what's really going on in her heart, you need to think of an idea that's going around of an "emotional scale." The concept is of every person having a scale with two sides going from one extreme to the other, and everybody that person knows falls somewhere on that scale.

On one far most end is the "indifference" emotion...or general lack of it. People on this side really don't matter to the person, they're like strangers even. On the other end are all the extreme emotions, like love or hate...people who inspire strong emotions in the person will be closer to this end of the scale.

To determine where you fall on that scale, all you have to do is observe how your ex interacts with you, and the best time for this is just after the breakup. Every breakup has the "let's just be friends" stage, and from that point on is when you should be studying your ex's behavior towards you.

If she doesn't make much or any effort to contact you after that point, you're probably pretty far down on the indifference end of the scale. However, if she tries to get in touch with you, especially if it's fairly often, you can be sure that you're on her mind a lot and as such are pretty high up on the emotional end of the scale.

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