How to Survive After Your Boyfriend Leaves You

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to Survive After Your Boyfriend Leaves You

When your boyfriend breaks up with you, it can be hard to pull yourself together enough to really make an effort to make things get better. If you do, however, you'll find that the road to recovery can be a lot easier than you may think!

Remember these 5 tips, and you should have an easier time of trying to salvage something out of this mess:

1. Letting the pain keep you from living your life will just make you more miserable. Instead of lounging on the couch feeling sorry for yourself, get up and out! Go out with friends and make continuing to enjoy life your primary goal!

2. Avoid using drugs or alcohol to take the edge off the pain. First of all, it's a temporary fix if it even helps t all, and the possible consequences of impaired judgement during this time of vulnerability could be pretty bad. Drunk people already tend to humiliate themselves...drunk people who are seriously hurting inside are way worse. You don't want to let that happen to you.

3. Avoid all contact with your ex for a period of about a month, if humanly possible. You both need some time to get your heads straight, and the time away is a great way to make sure of several things: that you don't accidentally mess up your situation worse, that both of you are figuring yourselves out, and that your ex has a chance to actually miss you!

4. Make your you have a well-thought-out plan and that you do NOT under any circumstances stray from it. If your plan is no contact for a month, that means NO contact for a month! Your heart is going to want you to do things your mind knows better than to do, so you have to have strong willpower to win this fight. There are going to be rough spots, all you can do is stay strong.

5. As much as it may hurt, you may end up having to accept that you and your ex aren't necessarily intended by fate to be together. Sometimes people fall in love and the situation just doesn't allow for it to end up happening. I'm not saying to give up prematurely, but you have to be mature enough to know when to accept that the person to make you mindbendingly happy for the rest of your life may not necessarily be your ex.

These 5 tips aren't exactly the definitive resource for all things "get your ex back," but if you keep them in mind when trying to get through this breakup they should really help you out. Good luck!

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