How to Save a Rocky Relationship

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to Save a Rocky Relationship

In trying to discover how to save a rocky relationship you have one goal. You want to get your ex back and have things the way when you first fell in love. Whether your are looking to solve marriage problems or simply want to get that boyfriend or girlfriend back, you need results. You need to find that special feeling the magic of making up can bring to all relationships.

You can take heart in the fact that you are not alone. Close to 50% of all couples will separate at some point in their relationship. Divorce rates are higher than ever before. Recent economic strains seem to have added to the problem. The sad truth is that most of these breakups could have been avoided. If you have already separated and think it is too late to repair the damage, I have good news. If you really want to start over with your ex, there may be a surefire way to get them back.

Human psychology is a funny thing. Most, if not all, humans have a curious trait that will help you win back an ex. All of us seem to want something that we cannot have! Think about it. Ladies, haven't you ever played hard to get from a guy you actually couldn't wait to go out with? Guys, I know you have secretly drooled over thoughts of that special gal that you knew wouldn't give you the time of day.

This same principal can be used to get your ex back. The single biggest mistake made in trying to get back together is when either party spends countless hours making phone calls or sending text messages by the dozens, all begging for a second chance or making empty promises that you will change that ugly behavior that created the separation. There is a better way!

Instead of making your ex more defensive and determined to stay apart, try to use the psychological approach. Agree with them that the separation is a good, if not great idea! Give them some time and space. I know this sounds like the exact opposite of what you should be doing, but trust me. The healing process takes quiet, uninterrupted time. After a couple of weeks with no contact send a simple, handwritten note like this. "John, (or works for both sexes) I just wanted to say thanks for what you did for me. Give me a call, or come by so I can thank you personally."

Now, of course, you are going to have to come up with something, no matter how small, that your ex supposedly did to thank them for. And you had better plan it out before you send the note, because the old human ego will cause your ex to contact you as soon as they get the note! Curiosity is another human trait that has amazing pull.

From there on, you are back in the mode of communication. Make the best of it. How to save a rocky relationship does not require anything more than a little love, patience and trust. If you can supply those attributes you will soon be enjoying the magic of making up!

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