How to React When You See Your Ex With Someone Else

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to React When You See Your Ex With Someone Else

When you're having a hard time getting over your ex and are desperately clinging to the idea of convincing him or her to come back to you, it can be a really devastating blow to see him or her with somebody else. Just hold on though, before you either break down or fly off the handle, here are some tips for dealing with this.

First off, take a few deep breaths and relax. This isn't the end of the world...lots of people still get back together after exploring other options, and in some ways this could almost help you. SO, don't freak out.

90% of rebound relationships don't last...they're insubstantial, mostly just done for simple relief from stress, and they have little to no foundation to them regardless of any apparent connections you may think you see between them. This person he's with isn't necessarily going to be his girlfriend of 3 years, then marriage. Chances are in your favor that he'll discover the relationship isn't what he needs and he'll break it off.

A lot of the time, all the guy needs is a fresh face who's not associated with a bad breakup as well as a little time to get himself together. If you were in a passionate relationship with obvious mutual love, that doesn't change just because the times are rocky. He may not have dumped you because he didn't love you's much more likely that you two became so overexposed to one another that he lost sight of the great things and started fixating on the little bumps in the road that all relationships go through.

So, give him space. It's natural that after a little while he'll start dating again...he's trying to get a grip on the feelings that are blitzing through his mind...he needs to figure out if he can really make a life for himself that doesn't have you in it, and more than likely he'll realize that life without you sucks a lot more than he thought it would. This is especially true if he finds himself exposed to other peoples' flaws and problems.

Leave him alone and focus on improving your own lifestyle...let him discover his mistakes while you correct yours. It probably won't be long before he starts really missing you, and if you have your life in order you'll look all the more appealing - like a relief from the chaos that his life has become, a comfortable way out he knows and has come to appreciate a little more.

I'm not saying you won't have to put any effort into getting him back, but seeing other people isn't a bad thing for you regardless of whether it's you or him doing it...and if he does it for very long he has a very good chance of becoming predisposed to getting back with you before you ever approach him. It's a nice way to "soften him up."

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