How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Want You Back

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Want You Back

When your boyfriend dumps you and all of a sudden your life turns upside down, a lot of the time all you want is just to get him back...but you can't seem too desperate or else he won't want to get back together! What do you do?

You get him back! You just do it in ways that don't make you 'out there' and vulnerable. There are a lot of ways that simply doing things to make yourself feel better will improve your chances of getting him back. These tactics will not only help you get over your breakup pain, but they'll also make your ex miss you like crazy.

It all starts by cutting off contact as soon as you two break up. This forces him to be on his own, and it may end up being a bit more difficult than he had thought before. This may not seem like it helps to ease your pain any, but it actually gives you some room to get yourself organized...something it's hard to do when you're throwing yourself in his face trying to get him back.

Without you there, even you there 'pestering' him or trying to get him back, he's forced to deal with the consequences of what he did in breaking up with you. Your relationship was probably not such a soul-draining hellpit that he didn't still love you and value just got so used to each other that he lost sight of the great things in the relationship and gave in to his problems with the small, petty things. It's an easy mistake that's responsible for a LOT of 'hasty' breakups. Without you, he'll start to feel lonelier than he thought he would, and he'll start to realize just what a light you brought to his life.

This is why all the constructive things you do to better yourself and build back up your confidence after his breakup shattered it to pieces will make you shine out to him. He'll start to see all your best points and miss you terribly. The first thing you should do is to go through your self-inventory and start checking off things you don't like about yourself, then take the necessary steps to take care of them. A little extra weight, skin problems, a bad need of a new hairstyle or new clothes...whatever has you sighing in the mirror, get it fixed or at least worked on.

Addressing these things will make you look positively great. You'll look in the mirror and see something to be proud of...I know it sounds shallow but for a woman looks are actually fairly important in how you see yourself and how others treat you. Looking great has all kinds of positive effects, from boosting your self-esteem to amping your confidence when you notice the guys around you taking interest in you. If your ex sees you and you've clearly been working on yourself, he's definitely going to notice...and he'll kick himself for letting that bombshell get away from him (even if you don't consider yourself exactly 'bombshell' caliber, the guy loves you...which makes you hotter than Angelina Jolie in his eyes).

If you pile onto your physical appearance with the appearance of happily moving on with your life and enjoying'll make him feel even worse about letting you go. Even if you're hurting inside, all he'll see is you happily hanging out at the club with your friends getting the most out of your life while he feels empty and dejected. Are you beginning to see what this'll result in?

Even if he doesn't come crawling back to you, at the end of your one-month total hiatus from him he'll be a lot more receptive to anything you say or do with the intent of getting him back. In addition, you should be feeling pretty good from looking good and getting attention from others around you...and of course the partying doesn't hurt either. All in all, this is a great method for just generally getting through breakup pain, and as you can see it can even have a positive influence on whether or not you can get him back.

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