How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You and Want You Back

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You and Want You Back

When you just get broken up with and you want him back, you can be faced with a serious dilemma. It may seem like he won't come back to you on his own, but you know it's a bad idea to put yourself all out there and risk appearing as desperate as you are. So how do you make HIM the one who does most of the convincing him to get back together?

Well, there are some pretty simple tactics, but I have to warn you...they can seem a little devious and manipulative. They toy with how his mind works, and at times it can seem almost unethical to puppet him around like this. So, if you're really desperate to have him back this stuff can work for you, but it's only for those who can live with feeling a little dirty at times. (Of course, you may jump at the idea of getting him back for the hurt he's caused you by tricking him into being the vulnerable one!)

Part 1: Shut him out. Some guys say they want to still be friends, and parts of you will want to pursue that thinking that the best way to get him back is to stay close to him...but here you want to do the opposite. Cut contact entirely if possible. Nothing will make him miss you like not having you at all...because a little bit of a secret is that he probably still cares about you a whole lot and wouldn't be very happy if you weren't in his life at all. This is an almost guaranteed way to get on his mind without having to jump at him.

Part 2: Never go out in public without looking the absolute best you ever have in your life. If that requires a little work to get into your best shape, then so be it. It'll be good for your self-image anyways to lose those couple pounds you've been scowling at or renovate your wardrobe with the latest styles. Point is, look your absolute best at all times, and flaunt it. If he happens to see you looking amazing after a while of being without you, it'll drive him crazy wondering why he let you go.

Part 3: I said to never go out in public without looking hot, but added onto that is that while looking hot you should go out a lot! Stay very socially active, with all your friends in all the best local hotspots. If you look half as good as you should be trying to, you'll get loads of attention from other guys in the clubs or parties. If THAT gets back to your ex, he won't be able to stop thinking about you.

All of this stuff will work and grate on his mind, and he'll beat himself up over whether or not it was the right choice to dump you. You'll have all the control when he finally approaches you...and how good would that feel?

Of course, as with any method this isn't flawless. It may not work 100% of the time, although it has a great chance at making him all but beg you back. You can find out what other sorts of methods are effective at getting your ex back by checking out the site I link to below. From there you can get to all kinds of great free info that has been proven effective time and again, so it's definitely worth taking a look at before you do anything else.

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