How to Make My Ex-Girlfriend Want Me Back

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to Make My Ex-Girlfriend Want Me Back

A lot of the time after a breakup, our exes don't even want to speak to us much less want to jump right back into another try. In order to get her back, you'll have to win her back. Here is some advice to help you do bring back her interest in you and make her want you back as much as you want her back.

1) Break off contact with her for about a month. I know this is the opening piece of advice in almost every one of my articles, but it's really important and the one thing that most people have the hardest time with. Your ex will not miss you if you never left her life. Giving each other some time and space has many great effects, not the least of which is allowing your ex to see if life without you is as grand as she apparently thought it would be when she broke up with you. Most often, it's not.

2) Look and feel your best...or at least look your best and act like you feel your best. It can be hard to recover fully in a short time, but it's vital that you appear to be dealing well with the breakup. If you appear to fall to shambles, you'll be far from attractive. You have to seem like you're well put-together, or else your ex will just see her choice to leave you as a wise decision.

An extra bit of free advice for you, that can help you recover emotionally and more effectively look your best, is to try to connect with all the people in your life who care about you and are glad to be with you in this rough time. Family are great for emotional support, and your best friends are great for a carefree night on the town that'll help you forget your worries and realize that life without your ex isn't the end of the world. Oddly enough, this can actually do the most towards getting your ex back, since a stronger and more independent you is a more attractive you.

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