How to Get Your Ex Back - Avoiding Rebound Relationships

Published: 16th January 2009
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How to Get Your Ex Back - Avoiding Rebound Relationships

A lot of people seem to have this idea in their heads that rebounds are bad...that if you really want your ex back, you need to avoid rebound relationships. This isn't necessarily true, and here's why:

I know it's a hard fact to swallow, but the truth is your ex isn't the only person in the world who will ever be able to make you happy. It may feel like all is lost without him, but trust me...there are a lot of other people who could be just as wonderful, if not BETTER for you.

Rebound relationships have a bad reputation...they tend to be a little hasty, and sometimes people get hurt because one person wasn't as serious as the other. However, during the short span of time after the breakup in which you're not really talking to each other, it's actually not a bad idea to take stock of yourself and part of that is to see what sort of people are around you.

Most of the time, even if you still want to get your ex back, playing the singles game for a little while is actually good for healing your heartache. It'll show you that life doesn't end without your ex, and even if you're still in love with him and want to give things another try you'll find some confidence in knowing it's not the end of the world without him...confidence that can give you a lot of strength, and even help get him back.

There's nothing like the reassurance that everything will be okay regardless of whether or not you're successful in getting your ex back, to make it easier to get your ex back. So really, rebound relationships may not be your particular taste, but it's far from the "horrible move" that it's become known as.

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