How Long Should I Wait Before Trying to Get My Ex Back?

Published: 16th January 2009
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How Long Should I Wait Before Trying to Get My Ex Back?

It really sucks when the person you love and care about more than anyone else in the world decides that you're not good enough to stay with...but even if things seem doubtful, it IS possible to get your ex back and go on happier than ever before. You may even know that already...but there's a big question right now: how long should you wait before you bring it up?

Well, this is one of those questions that a couple answers depending on how you look at it. The advised amount of time to keep contact to an absolute essential minimum with your ex is about a month. That's enough time to get over most of the pain and start to continue your it's a good idea to stick to that rule.

That doesn't mean, however, that you don't start trying to win your ex back for a month. There's more involved in getting your ex back than just talking to him or her and saying "Hey, I'm sorry...I want to give it another shot." If that worked, breakups would last about an hour all over the world. It can be a good attitude for your final reconciliatory talk...but it's not your "out of the gate" plan.

What you need to do is spend that month actively building your "campaign" to get your ex back. You're already on step one, because you're reading this article. That means you've decided you'd like to get your ex back, and you're looking for information on how to do it. That's good, it's a great start...but you have to keep it up!

There is no time for self-indulgence like the classic Hollywood movie breakups that always seem to have at least one shot of the girl sobbing on her couch into a bucket of ice cream, shrieking and wailing whenever she sees a guy on TV with the same eye color as her ex-boyfriend. That'll get you nowhere and do nothing for your pain...not to mention your "efforts" to get your ex back.

My advice: get up, get out. Live life, and be socially active. Going out with friends and having a good time not only takes your mind off the pain, but it can even work towards getting your ex back if your ex catches word of you out and around moving on with your life. It's a display of inner strength, of an independence that says "Sure, I care about you...but my world doesn't end without you." You'll get some respect, and there's even a chance that you'll find somebody who completely puts your ex out of your mind.

So to summarize, the twisted answer to the original question (How long should I wait) is that you should wait a month to contact your ex, but not wait even a day to start your indirect efforts at re-attracting your ex's attention. The great thing is that these indirect efforts are usually just happy side effects of doing things that'll help you with the breakup pain as it is. For more of these sorts of things, you can check out the link below.

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