How Do I Know If My Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings For Me?

Published: 16th January 2009
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How Do I Know If My Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings For Me?

Ok, so it's after the breakup and you KNOW you want your ex girlfriend back in your life the way it's supposed to be...but you're not sure whether or not she still has feelings for you. What can you do, is there a way to know for sure how she feels?

Luckily, there is! You can actually tell how she feels about you by how she treats you after the break up. Some of this may seem like common sense, but it actually focuses on a concept being talked about a lot these days regarding a sort of "Scale of Emotions" that everyone has.

The idea is that love and hate are not opposites, but actually very closely related feelings whose true opposite is indifference. It goes from "no emotion" to "intense emotion," and you can tell where you're at on her scale by observing how she acts towards you after the breakup...more specifically, how open she is to lines of communication.

An indifferent person will just ignore your calls, and won't bother to ever try to call you. No feelings equals no inclination to do so. BUT, if she DOES return a couple of your calls, or initiates positive contact with you directly by herself, then that means she still has at least some feelings towards you. The more she tries to keep in touch, the greater the feelings she still has for you. And if the calls are even remotely friendly, that means her feelings towards you are positive and not negative.

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