Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - 5 Sure Fire Ways to Reignite Love

Published: 16th January 2009
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Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - 5 Sure Fire Ways to Reignite Love

Stephen Covey once said that Love is a verb. You have to keep working at it if you want it to thrive. Neglect it even for a few days and it begins to wilt. Yes, it is fragile and delicate. But it also so enriching and rewarding that we all want it in abundance in our lives. So, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, the first thing you have to understand is that it is going to take some amount of work and a whole lot of patience. If you are still game, then read the tips below.

Patience: This is the first mantra. Give her space. Do not expect her to turn around the moment you realize your mistake. A woman needs to be cajoled, even when she is in love. So, when she is angry or hurt, she needs to be cajoled even more. But before you can cajole her, allow her to have a small amount of fresh air. Let her be single for a while. If your love was strong enough, she too will start missing you like crazy!

Get in touch: Once you have both cooled down, it is time to establish contact. The first contact, and how you go about it, determines whether she will give you a second chance. Do not be cocky or overconfident. For all you know, she could have got herself another 'friend' and your cockiness may surely push that relationship into the next gear! An apology card is one way out. If you are good with words, send her a written note or a mail. Keep it short and simple.

Remember important dates: If you are apart, that's all the more reason for you to remember dates. Birthdays, anniversaries - they make a lot of difference to a girl. Show her you remember them and that they matter to you, and she'll already be halfway back to being in your life again.

Be there for her: She may take some time to come back to you, so wait it out. In the meanwhile, be there to support her in case she needs help.

Commitment and doggedness are the cornerstones of stable relationships. Commit yourself to getting your ex girlfriend back, and then work at it continuously. She'll have no choice but to come back to you.

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