Get Your Ex Girl Friend Back - Is Giving Your Ex Girlfriend Flowers Gifts and Love Poems a Bad Idea?

Published: 16th January 2009
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Get Your Ex Girl Friend Back - Is Giving Your Ex Girlfriend Flowers Gifts and Love Poems a Bad Idea?

So you broke up and now want to know how to get your ex girl friend back... but let me ask this small question.

Are you giving her flowers, gifts, love poems and even text messaging her every five minutes?

Well, I think that is a very, very bad idea and let me tell you why. First of all, let's put the shoe on the other person... (that would be you).

Let's suppose some other girl started to literally shower you with tons of stuff... gifts, attention and love. But you are not so much interested in her...

But she keeps on doing it... text messaging you... calling you... asking when can we get together... quite frankly, it is getting embarrassing and also... you know what? You decided that hey... I just want her to go away 'cause I am tired of her attention...

You can only take so much.

What do you think your girlfriend thinks about what you are doing right now?

The shoe probably doesn't fit very comfortably anymore huh?

Well, sure... it is just a fact of human nature that when someone is no longer a challenge... we tend to lose interest in that person. For some guys... when they seduce a woman... they "won" the conquest and start looking for another woman.

But of course that isn't you and what you want to do is get back together with your girlfriend. But as I stated in this article... sending her gifts, flowers, poems, and text messaging is NOT a good idea. You need to create a little anxiety on her part... you have to make her wonder whether or not he is interested in me?

Only then my friend, can you take the next step to getting her back.

As they say, the heart grows fonder over time... do it.

To take the next step to get your ex girl friend back... you just discovered the #1 reason why most of what you have done so far has failed... Now you need to know how to make her want you to come back right now...

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