Drunk Dialing - Dangerous Mistake When Getting Back Your Ex

Published: 16th January 2009
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Drunk Dialing - Dangerous Mistake When Getting Back Your Ex

Going through a breakup is a hard thing to handle, and getting your ex back may not be a picnic either. It doesn't have to be extremely difficult, however. It's a process like any other, you just have to follow a plan while avoiding some heavy mistakes. One of those mistakes is sometimes called "drunk dialing," and it's a beast of an "Oops" that could haunt you.

I know that your breakup pain feels almost like too much to take on your own, but turning to alcohol or drugs to get some relief is a bad idea. It's a short term fix that could have some serious long term circumstances, and personally I think the price is too great to pay for just temporary comfort. Impaired judgement during a breakup isn't a good thing, and it can cause you to make mistakes that could cost you big time...not the least of which is "drunk dialing."

This often happens late at night, when your loneliness is at its peak and you can hardly bear the burden of not being with the person you love. The urge to see, or at least talk to your ex can be almost overwhelming...and if you've added drugs or alcohol to the mix, you could easily start to feel at first like maybe it wouldn't hurt to call your ex. You start reasoning with yourself, talking yourself into it...and as time passes and your hurt festers it stops seeming like a bad idea and starts to sound like a good one.

You pick up the phone, and your fingers dial the number on their own. When the phone on the other end starts ringing, you suddenly realize that you have no idea what to really say...so when the voicemail clicks on and tells you to record your message, you start pouring out words and feelings in a disorganized and slurred jumble of tears and emotion, and you beg your ex to take you back. You ramble on for several minutes, until you finally feel like maybe that's enough and you hang up the phone feeling dejected and empty.

It may not hit you until you wake up in the morning, but it won't be long before you realize what it was you just did and start to hate yourself for it. You curse yourself because you may well have just destroyed your chance to get your ex back.

This happens to a lot of people...and it really sucks because it could have been avoided if you had a full sense of self control. It's important to understand that doing this sort of thing doesn't work like it does in the movies, and that instead it only makes your situation worse as it makes you appear desperate and pathetic...two things that don't scream "attractive."

If at all possible, you must avoid making this mistake. The best way to do that is to deal with your pain in other, healthier ways rather than turning to drinking or "other means" of using a chemical to make yourself feel better. It just doesn't pan out in the end. If you can avoid doing something like this though, you'll find you actually stand a pretty decent chance of getting your ex back if you try. For more information and free tips, take a look at the site below.

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