Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me? Do They Want Me Back? One Simple Telltale Clue!

Published: 16th January 2009
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Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me? Do They Want Me Back? One Simple Telltale Clue!

Does your ex pretend not to have feelings for you? Or are they completely sincere when they say 'let's be friends.'?

A key to reading their mind is to understand the 'scale of feelings'. The 'scale of feelings' says that we have complete and utter indifference on one side and on the other end is the strongest feelings such as love and hate.

What I advise my clients to do is watch what they do and not what they say because action equals feelings. More action means more feelings. No action equals indifference. Make sense?

Let's be friends followed by no contact (no action), normally means they are leaning more towards the 'indifference' side of the scale.

While...Let's be friends and contact of more than two or three times a week (action), means theyare trying to keep you on the proverbial string. Why would they want to keep you 'on a string'? Because they want to keep you at arm's length in case they want you back.

It's really that simple, but...this plays out like a game of 'Cat and Mouse' which becomes quite confusingif you don't even know you are participating. They give you some string, see you going for it, and snap it back with an "I just want to be friends."

The game is not carried out to be mean. Many times they simply have more feelings for you than they are willing to admit...even to themselves. Do you see how their actions speak louder than words? Now, if based on the scale of feelings and action, you conclude your ex still has feelings for you...

How do you stop this game of Cat and Mouse and win your ex back?

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