Communication - Why It's Important During a Breakup

Published: 16th January 2009
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Communication - Why It's Important During a Breakup

You may realize that communication is important during a breakup, especially if you're intending to try to get your ex back...but what you may not realize is that it's actually important to keep it to the lowest reasonable minimum. Why is this? Read on and find out.

When a breakup first hits, there's a lot of emotion flying around...sometimes keeping open lines of communication will cause more harm than good. Even though your goal may be to work things out with healthy talking to figure out what to do and where to go...usually it just ends up making things worse, as it's easy to say or do things that can come out or be interpreted the wrong way.

So actually, communication is important in that you should avoid it if at all possible for about a month. I realize this may be next to impossible depending on your living or working conditions, but the point is that you two should basically be separated...all the way. This allows for you to miss each other and really think about the situation.

Often your ex will realize what he is missing and kick himself for leaving you...and even if not, you'll be better prepared for getting him back if you've had that time to plan.

This time is also important for healing. Breakups cause a lot of emotional damage and trauma...I'm not saying it'll cripple you for life, but it can be hard on you. More than likely, you already know just how hard it is...but this no-contact time frees you to live and rebuild your life without more friction between you two making things worse.

When that time of no-contact ends, you'll be better feeling and better prepared to get him back...and he'll be better primed to respond positively to your efforts. It may not always be possible, but this break-off will help you immensely.

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