4 Biggest Relationship Killers and How to Deal With Them

Published: 16th January 2009
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4 Biggest Relationship Killers and How to Deal With Them

There are a lot of things that end relationships every day...some problems can be forseen while others can't, but if you can recognize and identify what problems are plaguing your relationship and threatening to make it into a thing of the past, you can usually get it back on track. That's why I've written this for you, as a compiled resource of the 4 most common relationship-enders and how to lessen their damage.

1) Nothing absolutely destroys your partner's trust, feelings, and willingness to forgive you like cheating on him or her. I wish this was one of those dark things in the world that is so rare as to barely exist, like Ebola, but unfortunately it's not just already incredibly common but on the rise as well! The best way to keep infidelity from killing your relationship is to NOT CHEAT, but a huge portion of the population apparently doesn't know how to keep their pants on. All you can do is beg for forgiveness and really TRULY change your ways if you fall into this mistake.

2) The feelings of the one you love should matter to you, and it's not unreasonable for your partner to expect some indication of that on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a lot of couples neglect to show each other proper appreciation of one another's feelings, and it can lead to some rocky times and even breakups. Prevention is easier than resolution, but either can be accomplished by letting there be no doubts that your partner's feelings are of utmost importance to you.

3) Fights are going to happen, it's a natural part of any relationship, but when things get out of hand it starts to really pose a problem. You can't let yourself lose your head over everything, and you need to take fights for their constructive purpose of addressing important issues in the relationship that could cause a lot of trouble if left undealt with. Remember why you two love each other, and take the bad with the good.

4) You watch enough romantic comedies, you'll end up seeing some supporting character who's there for the comic relief of being absolutely chained to his girlfriend and can't do anything without getting a phone call interrogating him, or coming home to find her standing on the porch demanding where he's been. In the movie, everyone laughs as he gives that dramatic but good-natured sigh and walks in saying "yes honey, sorry babe." In the real world, being in a controlling and trustless relationship is far from funny...it's a psychological and emotional form of abuse. Don't let that demanding person standing on the doorstep be you, have a little trust in your partner.

The list can go on and on, but these are some of the biggest concerns today as far as what can affect your relationship the most. Whatever your conflict is, it should be resolvable even if it's difficult to do so. Just remember problems like these and make sure they don't ruin your shot at happiness with the one you love.

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